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Personal Hygiene


HELP Stop the spread

As our community moves to address concerns surrounding the containment of Covid-19, Homes in Focus aims to continue to provide excellent customer service to support your business needs.    Although we are re-open for business we recognize it won't be business as usual.   Scheduling and communication should be done through email as our office will remain closed for now. Appointment times have been extended and we will be providing extra spacing between shoots for our photographers.    

We have also implemented a number of processes to ensure social distancing & minimize contact contamination for the health and safety of our employees, our customers and their clients during this unprecedented time.

Please note the mandatory changes to our procedure.

Photographers will not shoot listings that have not been vacated prior to arrival


  • Homes must be vacant on arrival to the property with access done via Lock Box. 

  • If homeowners or agent cannot leave during the shoot please notify us in advance so we may discuss alternate arrangement.

  • Photographers will not be moving or touching any items in the home and will shoot as is.

  • All interior doors should be left open to rooms that are to be shot. If doors are closed we will assume those areas are not to be showcased.

  • Have lights/lamps on prior to arrival.   (photographer will not be turning lights on or off during this time)

  • Equipment will be wiped down after each shoot

  • If two members of the team are required at a shoot they will attending the listing separately.

  • If possible, please allow access to the back yard by leaving the side gate open.

  • The photographer will email your office when the shoot is complete so the homeowners may return.

We are thankful for your continued partnership in notifying us in advance of potential for exposure to viral infection of any kind on-site.  Your understanding as we navigate any unexpected changes in scheduling is appreciated.

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